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Riverscapes Report Card Template

TRL Grade - Needs to be updated to correct TRL grade 1-7 Tool Logo TOOL X is description/definition. This report card communicates TOOL X’s compliance with the Riverscape Consortium’s published tool standards.

Report Card Summary

Version 0.0.00
Assessment Team Names and/or Links
Current Assessment research Research Grade
Target Status professional Professional Grade
Riverscapes Compliance Riverscapes Compliant Riverscapes Compliant
Assessment Rationale 1-3 Sentence Summary by reviewers justifying assessment determination and summarizing from details below.

Report Card Details

This tool’s discrimination evaluation by the Riverscapes Consortium’s is:

Evaluation Key: None or Not Applicable: • Minimal or In Progress: • Functional: • Fully Developed:

Criteria Value Evaluation Comments and/or Recommendations
Tool Interface(s) : ArcGIS 10.x AddIn, Stand Alone Windows Tool Comments
Scale Reach (cell scale resolution, reach scale extent) Comments.
Language(s) and Dependencies e.g. C# Comments.
Vetted in Peer-Reviewed Literature Yes. Doe et al. (2015) Comments.
Source Code Documentation Desc. Comments.
Open Source open-source with GNU General Public License v 3.0 Comments.
Tool and Source Code Citable DOI Provide citation, e.g. Phlip Bailey, Joseph Wheaton, Matt Reimer, & James Brasington. (2020). Geomorphic Change Detection Software (7.5.0). Zenodo. DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.7248344
User Documentation Link(s) Comments.
Easy User Interface Desc. Comments.
Scalability Desc. Comments.
Produces Riverscapes Projects Tool is outputting to disk data in a Riverscapes Project that can be opened in RV. Comments.

F-A-I-R Assessment

F-A-I-R, corresponds to the findable, accessible, interoperable and re-useable Principles (Wilkinson et al. 2016), which the RC strives to follow and to help facilitate making it easier for the riverscapes community to follow. F-A-I-R can apply to metadata, data and the tool itself.

FAIR Principle Value Evaluation Comments
Findable Desc. Comments.
Available Desc. Comments.
Interoperable Desc. Comments.
Re-useable Desc. Comments.
Findable Desc. Comments.
Available Desc. Comments.
Interoperable Desc. Comments.
Re-useable Desc. Comments.
Findable Desc. Comments.
Available Desc. Comments.
Interoperable Desc. Comments.
Re-useable Desc. Comments.

Overall summary of tool FAIR-ness : Tool evaluation summary.

Tool Output Utility

All Riverscapes tools package up data in Riverscapes Projects. This section evaluates the utility of those outputs to end-users that are not running the tool, but instead leveraging its outputs.

Criteria Value Evaluation Comments
RV- Compliant Riverscapes Projects ? Desc. Comments.
RV Business Logic Defined? Desc. Comments.
Riverscapes Projects hosted in public-facing Riverscapes Warehouse(s) Desc. Comments.
Riverscapes Projects connected to Web-Maps Desc. Comments.
Riverscapes Projects connected to Field Apps Desc. Comments.

Developer Intent

Development team (not evaluation team) should provide 1-3 paragraphs and/or some bullets and/or figures describing where they hope to go in future releases.

If you share the above vision, get in touch with the developers to support/fund the effort.

The Riverscapes Consortium’s Technical Committee provides report cards for tools either deemed as “riverscapes-compliant or “pending riverscapes-compliance.