Riverscapes Consortium

Editing Existing Pages


Making a Simple Edit in Browser

For simple edits to an existing Git-Hosted markdown page, you simply browse to the page in the Code repository under docs, make edits, and then commit. See the example below:

Making a More Complicated Edit Localy & Pushing Up

You can use any text editor for editing markdown. Typora is a free text editor specifically for markdown that has the added advantage that it can render the code in the application so you can preview it.

Below, I illustrate some edits using Typora and my favorite local GIT client, GitKraken. I also am using a local version of Jekyll and Linux (see here for how) so I can preview the changes in a web browser before uploading or committing them.

Spellchecking in Typora

Always, spellcheck your markdown. In Typora that is simple:

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