Riverscapes Consortium

Getting Data from Warehouse

Riverscapes Warehouse Account

Once you have a Riverscapes Wareshouse account , you can download projects and view them with RAVE.

Download Data
from Riverscapes Warehouse

Downloading Data

The video below shows you how to download data as a riverscapes project whether you are just browsing for it, or shared a link.

Project Types

Data in the warehouse is packaged into riverscapes project so that it is compatible with RAVE. This video shows you to filter for and search different project types.

Programs and Access

Tied to the user’s account, access to specific Programs is controlled. Programs are set up by organizations or individuals to control who has what type of access to what. If you commission the generation of a Riverscape Project from the NAR Web Store (soon to come) for example, by default the access is Public and the dataset is made available to anyone (with optional credit going to buyer) through the Public Data Program. Optionally, some organizations prefer not to share their data publicly, and we charge a 300% mark up to maintain Private

We show you how to navigate and view the Programs you have been granted access to in the video below:

Access - Types

All users have access to the “Public Data”. Each account has four different access levels defined in every Program:

  1. No Access - By default users do not have access to any other programs but the Public Data
  2. Observer - This provides basic read-only access to a Program.
  3. Participant - This is an observer that has additional privileges within a program.
  4. Admin - Admins can add Observers and Participants to the program(s) they administer and contribute new projects and/or edits.