Riverscapes Consortium

About RC

Overview of Riverscapes Consortium

In this less than five minute video we introduce the Riverscape Consortium.

More Elaborate Background

This half hour video is based on Joe Wheaton’s talk at a workshop in Lyon, France in December of 2019 on Regionalized Fluvial Geomorphology (see original slides). It lays out some of the key concepts and part of the motivation for the Riverscapes Consortium and why it we are developing data standards and workflows.

Talk about Need for Riverscapes Consortium and Standards

The Riverscape Consortium’s Joe Wheaton was awarded the British Society for Geomorphology’s 2020 Gordon Warwick Award for excellence in geomorphic research. In his talk below, he discusses the need for the sort of standards and community embodied in the Riverscape Consortium to rise to the challenge of the scope of riverscape degradation.