Riverscapes Consortium

Get a Custom Subdomain

By default, your GitHub site has a URL that is inherited from the Organization yoru repository is hosted in (or your user profile). For example, for the Rivercapes organization, the default address will be https://riverscapes.github.io/reponame/ where reponame is the name of your repository.

This is controlled in your repository → Settings:


You will notice that many of the higher-grade Riverscapes Tools have subdomains to riverscapes.net, instead of the above default. For example the BRAT tool is https://brat.riverscapes.net where brat` is the custom subdomain. The RC will consider requests for any tools pending Riverscapes Compliance or fully Riverscapes Compliant.

Step 1 - Request the subdomain you want

To request a subdomain for your tool, fill out the form below.

Step 2 - Update URL Settings

Once you have your subdomain set up (we’ll notify you), you need to update yoru URL settings in both your repository and your website _config.yml file.

Update the URL in _config.yml


Update the URL in GitHub Page Settings

Go to your repository settings, scroll down to GitHub pages and update the custom domain: