Riverscapes Consortium

Tool Report Card Instructions

See here for a preview of a blank Tool Report Card Template.

A copy of the markdown template can be dowloaded or copied here

Typically, the Technical Review Committee will be filling out this markdown and these instructions are for

Step 1 - Rename the file

We recommend putting report cards (allows for multple versions) in a About\Status\ subfolder located in the root of your website folder (e.g. Docs). Reviewers should provide a working version of the markdown to the GitHub source code as a review branch. Copy the template and then rename it from Tool_ReportCard_0-0-00.md to what ever version you are publishing (this should match your GitHub release). For example, if you are publishing a report card on version 1.2.1, it would become Tool_ReportCard_1-2-01.md.

Step 2 - Complete Review

The review needs to updated to fill out the Value, Evaluation and Comment columns of each of the table. Multiple members of the Techncial Review Committee should indepently assess and then a lead reviewer will provide a rough draft to the others. Members should proof-read the review for typos and accuracy.

Step 3 - Submit Pull Request to Developer

Once the review is completed, the lead reviewer should submit a pull-request, and assign the developer requesting the review, to review and approve the pull-request.