Riverscapes Consortium

RC Report Cards

If a tool in the RC Tool Listing has a badge in the Status column (e.g. ), and that grade is hyperlinked, it has been scored by the RC with a Report Card by the RC Technical Committee.

Report Cards provide:

  • A summary assessment of tool-grade (e.g. research-grade ) and Riverscapes Compliance or Pending Riverscapes Compliance .
  • Evaluation of:
    • Tool Interface(s)
    • Scale
    • Languages & Depenencies
    • Vetting in Peer-Reviwed Literature
    • Source Code Documentation
    • Open Source
    • Tool & Source Code Citeable
    • User Documentation
    • Easy User Interface
    • Scalability
    • Produces Riverscapes Project
  • F-A-I-R Asessment of
    • the metadata the tool produces
    • the data the tool produces
    • the tool itself
  • Tool Output Utility

Explanation of Report Cards

The video below is an excerpt from a longer talk, but positioned where the concept of report cards for the RC are explained:

Requesting a Review

If you are the developer of a tool and you would like a review, please fill out this form.

For Reviewers

Reviewrs should follow the guidelines on here.