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Metadata tags can be used in a few key places inside the Project XML:

  1. Directly inside <Project>
    <Meta Name="SomeKey">SomeVal</Meta>
    <Meta Name="SomeOtherKey">SomeOtherVal</Meta>

Where to use:

Metadata tags can be used in a few key places in the Project XML:

Directly inside <Project>

Project-wide metadata is designed to give context to the entire project:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Project xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"


    <Meta Name="Operator">Jordan Gilbert</Meta>
    <Meta Name="HUC8ID">17020005</Meta>
    <Meta Name="HUC8NAME">Chief Joseph</Meta>
    <Meta Name="HUC8ID">17020005</Meta>
    <Meta Name="HUC8NAME">Upper Columbia</Meta>
    <Meta Name="SomeMetaName">SomeOtherValue</Meta>
  <!-- ... -->


Inside Realizations

Anything that is unique to this particular realization should be stored as such:

    <VBET DateCreated="2016-07-08T23:49:51" ProductVersion="1.4.0" Guid="241cdf2a-a397-4fd7-acd2-de0869ed4662">
      <Name>My realization Name</Name>

        <Meta Name="somecontextthing">Hello</Meta>
        <Meta Name="description">I did a thing and then another thing...</Meta>
      <!-- ... -->

Inside Datasource Objects

Can be used to add important data to the specific DataSource

<DEM id="DEM1" Guid="241cdf2a-a397-4fd7-acd2-de0869ed4662">
    <Meta Name="author">Jordan Gilbert</Meta>
    <Meta Name="data_dateCollected">2016-07-08T23:49:51</Meta>